Apartment Turns On Demand

The most efficient way to turn an apartment


What is Trustwork Turns?

Trustwork Turns is a tech-enabled renovation company with access to a network of fully vetted pros specializing in cleaning, resurfacing, painting, drywall, and make-readies. We work with property managers and owners to build a tailored strategy suited for their individual property needs. Whether it is a complete remodel, small renovation or a simple punch list, Trustwork Turns will bring the apartment from Move-Out to Rent-Ready.

Why use Trustwork Turns?

Trustwork Turns exists to reduce pain points in renovation projects and get apartments ready quicker. We know because we’ve been there. Throughout our team’s previous experience in property management, we have struggled to find dependable vendors aimed to serve smaller projects. We’ve paid more for vendors who didn’t meet our deadlines. Trustwork Turns’ tech-enabled operating model can get an apartment rent-ready in five days or less, beating the industry average of 14 days. This has the potential to boost the revenue per apartment by $225 - $1000 by allowing our clients to rent the apartment quicker.


Trustwork is a technology business recreating the economy. Trustwork builds software tools that power Turns’ tech-enabled model, allowing us to closely manage our clients’ projects right from our phones. The Trustwork marketplace also allows users to access a huge network of pros, opening up a new pool of dependable vendors for our clients.



Sparkling clean units make a positive first impression on potential and new residents. Hire one of our pros to tidy up any vacant space.

Handyman Service

Units can sit in the make-ready stage for days if your maintenance team is busy with additional work orders. We eliminate days apartments are untouched and save you money on vacancy loss.

Carpet Cleaning

A simple cleaning can extend the carpet’s life and save money for a replacement.


Resurfacing or refinishing a bathtub, shower wall, or countertop are great ways to update a unit.

Interior Painting

Add a bright new color or a fresh coat to refresh your units. Our painters take pride in their work and know the importance of a quality paint job.

Sheetrock & Drywall Repairing

When a quality paint job isn't enough, our professional sheet-rock repair will revitalize your home. Our pros ensure that walls are left looking brand new.